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Designing my personal brand was a challenging yet rewarding project. 

I wanted to communicate not only my core values of quality, passion, integrity, dedication and creativity, but also my personality.


Being in nature and listening to music heavily influence my design process. I created a logo that was not only geometric but also one you could manipulate in a variety of ways and still maintain brand consistency.   

Branded Stationary


Branded Landing page


I included imagery of the black & white pine trees to express a connection to nature and a sense of space that I frequently translate into my designs.    

Instagram Puzzle and Posts

Social Media Posts

I have drawn on multitude of influences in the creation of the Malm '79 logo symbol. 


If you would like more information on this story and the development then please drop me a line.   

Animated Logo

Space theme

I like to experiment with different styles and themes so it was crucial I had a logo symbol rather than a word mark to play with.

Animated Logo

Glitch 80's retro theme.

Promo Video

Introducing my brand


Web Promo

Using video and 80's neon

theme to promote my website.

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