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Branding • Logo Design • Logo Animation • Signage • Promo Video • Social Media Animations.


Elite Performance Academy is an Elite Football Academy nurturing the best talent in the North West of England. The challenge was to create a classic yet modern logo that communicated effectively across all platforms. Working closely together we created a logo that ticked all the boxes. The traditional football icon was stripped back and refined to add a modern edge to the logo type. The neutral colour palette chosen, with a hint of gold, helped to express the core values of quality, professionalism and excellence in football. 

Motion Logo.


Creating and posting the animated version of the logo on social media engaged the younger audience which played an essential part in promoting the business and sustaining motivation to engage. The motion logo added a sense of drama & excitement; driving interest and expanding the brands reach.  

EPA Animation

Kit Logo.


Expanding the Elite Performance Academy's brand identity to the Football Kit reinforced the visual presence of the brand, again expressing the core values of class, professionalism and excellence in sport.  

Porsche Promo

Promo Videos.


Through the success of the business, Elite Performance Academy secured partnership with Porsche Centre Preston. To announce this fantastic news, a teaser campaign was created to marry the logos together. 

For more information on this project  and how promo videos can help your business please contact me. 

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